How to optimize anchor text for SEO link building

How to optimize anchor text for SEO link building

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Nowadays we see it is often green and underlined, such as this link on the WebTech homepage. SEO practice is indicating that anchor text is more relevant to a page that you are linking. Anchor text keywords are one of many signal search engines are using to determine the content of a web page.  

HTML Examples of Anchor text:

<a href=””> the best web design company in Bangladesh </a>. The best web design company in Bangladesh. The anchor text for SEO is concise and relevant to the target page. Anchor text for SEO provides both search engines and users with relevant information including a link.

Search engines use external anchor text to reflect how other people will see your page. We know that website owners generally can’t control how other sites link to them.

You can ensure that the anchor text you use on your site is useful, descriptive, and relevant to a web page. If your web page is linking with an appropriate page, then your page will rank well on the search engine.

What is anchor text optimization?

Anchor text for SEO is a clickable text with a hyperlink. Anchor text optimization is a workaround of both internal and external anchors. It is applying to reach the goal of increasing search engine rankings.

What is rich anchor text?

It is also known as keyword-rich anchor text. It refers to any anchor text that contains a section of your choice of keywords for which you want to rank.

What is an empty anchor?

An empty anchor text occurs when a link is creating from an image, and no tag is specified.

Type of anchor text:

1. The exact match anchor text

The exact match anchor text means your anchor text contains keywords that are linking to a particular page.

For example, Target Keyword is “Alt tags for SEO” so, Anchor text such as “How to Influence Alt Tags for SEO Practice?

We know that the anchor text is the visible and clickable text in a link. So an example of this is “How to Influence Alt Tags for SEO?

2. Partial match anchor text

Anchor text for SEO includes a variation of the keyword on the linked page. Link building techniques are applying for linking a web-page containing a worth or value to generate more traffic. So you can optimize more keyword into your anchor text for SEO.

3. Branded anchor text

You can use anchor text like your company brand name in the text. For example: ‘NoticeExpress‘ is linking to an article in the NoticeExpress blog. Here is the NoticeExpress is promoting a brand of a company.

4. Naked anchor text

Any anchor that uses a raw URL is considering a “naked” link. The anchor URL ‘‘ is a naked link of anchor text for SEO.

5. Generic Anchor text

You can use a common word as an anchor text. If you are looking for more information about affordable SEO service, “Click Here.” So, “Click Here” is a generic anchor.

Anchor text for SEO tips:

Optimizing anchor text for your website can be a daunting step. Some internet marketers make the mistake of over-optimizing their anchor text.

For a result, they are getting unnecessary punishment. There are a few useful tips you can use to optimize your anchor text for SEO without punishing by Google.

Anchor Texts Relevant:

Anchor text for SEO needs to be relevant to the content that you are linking for the audience. The more relevant article with target keywords is the better option to get a higher rank on the search engine.

For example, if your target keyword is “link building,” then writing an article about link building that will work best on the search engine.

If your target keyword is “eCommerce SEO Services,” then write an article about how to find the best eCommerce services.

Deliver Different Types of Anchors:

Your anchor text for SEO can break your search engine rankings for your website. So here are some tips where you need to focus.

It’s hard to say that what is the standard idea of anchor text in distribution. But in my experience, I’ve seen a few distributions marking strategy. These work and have a natural link profile:

  • Brand + Keyword Anchor: 5%
  • Partial match anchor text: 5%
  • Generic anchor text: 15%
  • Naked anchor text: 15%
  • Branded anchor text: 40%
  • Partial match anchor text: 5%
  • The exact match anchor text: 5%
  • Other anchor text: 10%

Anchor text for SEO best practices:

Keep in mind that you often have no control over the anchor text that other sites use to link back to your content. So, most of these best practices will help you how to best use anchor text within your website.

1. Succinct anchor text:

There is no specific length limit for anchor text. It is a good idea to keep your link text as close as possible. The content that you choose to include in your anchor text is considering for two main reasons:

  • What is the shortest, most accurate way to describe a page?
  • What words or phrases encourage users to click on a link?

2. Target page relevance:

As search engines mature, they begin to identify more metrics for ranking. A metric is about how much the relevance of the link of the page? So a relevant link can improve the chances of a page ranks on the search engine.

Link relevance is a natural that occurs when people link to other content on the web. It is determining by:

  • The topic of the reference page
  • Anchor text content on the source page

Links are directing on the content of the source page that send a stronger relevance signal to your website. Here I’m giving an example; when a page of web design company links to a graphic design website with a picture of the logo, then it will get a better relevance with Google.

Search engines focus on various anchor text variations to link back to the original article. Use it as an indicator about the article and for search queries that would be relevant. Ensure that your links send the appropriate signals to your website. So keep your anchor text as descriptive of the target page as possible.

3. Anchor text keyword density:

With the Penguin algorithm update, Google Anchor began to look more closely at the keywords in the text. If any of the internal links to a site contain the same anchor text, it may start to look suspicious. It will give a sign that the links are not acquiring naturally.

In general, it is best practice to use keywords on a specific anchor text when available. But SEOs can get better results every time by trying different types of natural anchor text instead of the same keywords.

Don’t overdo anchor text for SEO with keyword including strong internal links. An internal link is undoubtedly a recommended best practice for Search Engine Optimization. But you need to be careful about the anchor text that you are using to link on your pages together. If too many links on a page use the same anchor text, then Google will detect as spammy behavior even if it’s on your site.

4. Inbound anchor text links:

The topic of best practice in anchor text remains a challenge for SEO practitioners. If you work with a new agency, then you will get a lot of low-quality inbound links. They may provide lots of over-optimized anchor text links with keywords that are not your target marketing plan.

So, there is an ambiguity around when and how to obtain inbound anchor text links on your website. You can hit your rankings by using inbound links that match the page’s target keywords.

Don’t think that decades-old practices will work today. If you have external links with too many keywords, you need to undo that task. It’s best to use branded links to your website as a secure fallback. If you’ve just done it every time, you probably don’t need to read the rest of this article.

What is best practice in Anchor Text Link?

  • Try to avoid acquiring “exact match” anchors.
  • If your site is not displaying skills, remove the low-quality links.
  • Manage existing anchors by converting the exact match to branded terms.
  • External, try to restrict or remove site-wide links.

5. Avoid correct match anchors:

Anchor text for SEO of a perfect match is a one-way to get the penalty. In our website, we are reducing the amount of anchor text for the right match on the higher ranking website.

It is a pure signal to classify as manipulation. In our opinion, it’s better to target branded or “natural” versions of the anchor text:

6. Remove low-quality inbound links:

If your site runs out of the box, remove or reject the low-quality links. If you are exposing to a negative SEO attack on a specific URL, it’s best to move that content to a new URL. You can use robots.txt to exclude such URLs as the focus of the underlying links. In some cases, this is an effective way to handle lots of wrong inbound links because you don’t need to update the file.

It is now advisable to manage the main link profile over the years. If you have a lot of inbound links using the right match anchor text from low-quality sites, you are almost going to be in trouble. You will see the performance of your website will decrease to fall.

In short, remove the substandard links altogether. And “detune” the remaining exact match anchor text into a partial match or branded link. If in doubt, remove the link.

If you are not experiencing in creating link audits, contact us. You can also use a tool like Karboo, which is the best link auditing tool available. It has a reliable quality score metric. It also combines data from AREFs, Majestic, Moz, and Search Console.

7. Manage existing anchor text:

Some SEO teams check and remove links on a near real-time basis. The removal request is sending very quickly with the highly optimized anchor text.

Most of us have a lot less competitive vertical cases, but this just shows what is necessary. Make Anchor text for SEO Sort with your inbound links.

Remove external site-wide links. Site-wide links are just a number. Each link tool can identify any site-wide link. You just have to sort by the number of connecting pages, not only the domain. Work to remove these, mainly when they use competitive, accurate match anchor text for SEO.

Which anchor text tool is best to use?

For in-depth dive analysis, I would choose Linkio and smallseotools. You can upload data quickly, and it is effortless to complete. If you want to create full-scale reports, you have to include data from the Search Console.

Final word:

In post-Penguin and 2019 SEO strategies, exact match anchors should be 1% or less. You should be more careful when you are using these types of anchor text for SEO as they may penalize your site. Anchor text for SEO is both secure and productive. Focus on building your links using quality content and a variety of anchor texts. It can include appropriate co-citations and co-presentations. It will help you to optimize anchor text for SEO link building, and you will not get a penalty from Google.

If you have any query about how to optimize anchor text for SEO link building, please contact us.

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