The ultimate guide to submit a guest post on popular websites

The ultimate guide to submit a guest post on popular websites

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a way to build presence and promote your website to your target audience.  Submit a guest post is an important part of off-page SEO. It allows you to get backlinks from relevant sources. This process will not only prove your authority but also drive traffic. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to start networking to expand your online business.

Guest posting is beneficial for both Blogger and the Guest blogger. If you are a blogger, then it will help you to get a free content link. It offers free backlink and free Blog branding. You don’t need to gain more traffic and rankings unless the guest post is of high quality. If you plan to submit a guest post, then you can drive your targeted traffic.

Benefits of submitting a guest post:

Submit a guest post guide will help you to lower down the chances of getting spam.  Bloggers and small business enterprises found an advantage to allow other bloggers to submit a guest post to their website. For bloggers, it is a welcome respite when they are allowing other writers to get an opinion on a different topic. This is enabling the readers a further discussion and shares of the information.

  • Establish Authority
  • Improves Writing Skills
  • Social Networking Benefits
  • Website Finance
  • Branding

Guest Blogging History:

In the past, publishing blogs in other sources was the only goal. Users can also try to bribe and pay for their posts. It usually works to get backlinks and get traffic to the website. There was no quality thing in the past over the content.

Recently the game is changing. Google is improving its algorithms, and it’s about relevance and quality. If you can create well-written content on guest posting sites, then you are a successful contributor to get the backlink. If you do not have the quality of the content, then you are failing this strategy.

 Well, guest blogging is not a complicated process, but it does require quality effort. You can become successful, expert, and influencer with effective guest blogging techniques. Guest blogging has many benefits, and you can find them here.

The ultimate guide to submitting a guest post:

1. Consider the Editors’ View

Submitting a guest post should be a win-win for everyone who is involving this process. The goal of an editor is not to grow your readability but also attract other visitors. It’s the job of an editor to create publications and share new, expert ideas with their audience.

The fresh idea is one of the biggest reasons editors allow to submit a guest post. So, consider this when you are thinking to submit a guest post. You have to find out the related topic that the website will allow your post.

Before submitting a guest post read through the posts those already published on the website. Find out what topics do the editor like and which ones seem the most engaging, then tailor them to your content.

2. Find the correct content format

Written content is one of the most effective and salable forms of content that you can use to submit a guest post. You can use written content and is still the primary format to submit a guest post. But do not overlook the possibility of submitting guest content in any other form.

Video content covers all our social feeds. The audience consumes the content in different formats. Editors are also noticing these trends.

In a survey, the result comes that 67% of editors want to publish video content. Fifty-two percent of editors are looking to include infographics. And other 40 percent interest in podcasts.

You can see all the video and audio content there and can even think, “I can do it.” So don’t feel that you have to be a great videographer to produce high-quality content.

3. Avoid guest posting mistakes

It would be acceptable if you want to talk about yourself. Everyone does. We are humans and talk about ourselves at an average of 60% percent and its jump to 80% percent when we’re online.

The thing is, while your life story and the cool things are essential to you. Maybe your company is doing something interesting for you, but editors don’t have to allow your guest post.

90% of editors are saying that submit a guest post accurately is not still clear to people who are involving with guest posting activities.  It is one of the common problem editors see in submitting guest posts. Most sites already have their ads; they also do not need your contributed content to serve as ads.

Editors want guest posts as original and as with unique idea. They want to bring value to your readers, not to your organization. When you’re ready to submit a guest post, don’t make it about yourself. Focus on viewers for publishing.

4. Remember that the editor is not your brother

An editor is someone who edits something. It doesn’t mean that he or she will re-write your submission. They find fresh content and fresh idea to allow a submitted guest post. I bet that all publication editors are receiving at least one article containing enough typos.

You can hire an editor as a proofreader to submit your guest post, and this step can save you time. Seventy-one percent of editors are saying that editing content is delaying the activities. So if you want your post to publish soon, you should edit it before submitting a guest post.

5. Create a pitch email that’s great for your content

When you have finalized your content, and it’s ready to submit then, you have one final step. You have to submit the content on the website and send your email to editors to get the replay. Do you ever think about how effective is it when you attach your valuable content to an email? The email may contain the line “Check it out when you are free?”. No publisher is going to give you a chance if you don’t be the master of your writing.

Editors are busy, and 76 percent of editors are publishing articles 1 to 5 guests per week. And five percent say they plan to increase the current amount of guest posting. It’s a lot of opportunities, yes – but it does mean that there may be some competition for attention.

Editors do not have time to examine every single content they receive carefully. You can submit a guest post that you like to send to an editor. You need to come out with a content that breaks the inbox.

An editor should reflect your pickup email attempt when you put time into your content. It should be well written, organizing and engaging with different thinking. You can use a short subject line, open with a personal greeting, and include an overview of the content.

Most importantly, you need to respect the editor’s time and schedule. When editors see that you put effort into your email content, then they like it. They are more likely to consider reading the amount of energy they are spending on crafting.

6. The rules for submitting a guest post

  • Your post needs to be original. Otherwise, your post will not publish anywhere on the web.
  • The post does not belong to an affiliate program/product or a company profile.
  • Do not submit generic posts in theory that are available elsewhere across the web.
  • Your post will not be only informative, but also need to be useful. Otherwise, the publisher will immediately trash your post without warning.
  • The publisher wants to get new information so that users can use in their business and website.
  • Editors may need to edit your content before publishing your content.
  • You have to understand the importance of link that you are getting the guest posting site. The article must have a link of your blog. However, the publisher does not tolerate link lettering and do not accept links to approved products.
  • Attach a few pictures to your post and include an image credit and others if you needed. Please include internal links in your post and useful resources. The post must be in proper English.
  • Posts should be around a thousand words or more (exceptions can be posts that have a lot of images or videos).
  • You must respond to the comments on your published post. Notifications for new comments will be emailed to your email address.
  • You will often come back to reply to the comment. More discussion will encourage more social media sharing, traffic, and exposure.

7. How soon will you that your article is approved?

The editor will make sure to read any posts submitted as soon as possible. They will most likely let you know within a day or a week.

8. Ready to submit a post? Follow these steps:

  • Sign up to the guest post website
  • After signing up, log in there
  • Check out if you haven’t yet.
  • A personal avatar photo must be on the guest posting site.
  • After opening an account, you can submit your guest post there.
  • Publisher will review your post and check if it follows their guidelines
  • They will send you a message in the comments box and inform if they need any corrections
  • They will publish your article in the main blog if they like it.

09: List of Guest posting website to submit a guest post

1. Mashable

It’s the most popular blogger community with over 5 million monthly page views. It is a leading source nowadays for latest news of social media, digital media, and technology, and web culture. Domain authority: 92 Categories: Social media, technology, business, entertainment

2. Software World

Software World is the leading software review and rating platform. It provides a guest post where you can write about software, guides, reviews, and more. Domain Authority: 56 Categories: Technology, Software, Review, Startups, Small Business

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading source of inbound marketing, sales, and service software acquisition. It is offering three blog sections where you can find marketing, sales, and service departments. Domain authority: 91 Categories: Marketing

4. GetResponse

GetResponse provides marketing software for small businesses. You can write about social media, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO, general marketing tips. Domain authority: 81 Categories: Marketing, productivity, automation

5. Social media today

You can find updated social media news on social media today. If you are passionate about social media marketing, you can use this platform to submit a guest post. Domain authority: 80 Categories: Social media, Marketing

6. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Checker provides a complete guide to social media marketing. You can submit your social media marketing articles on this website. You can be a frequent contributor. Domain authority: 80 Categories: Social media

7. Content Marketing Institute

The website offers content marketing strategies, research, consulting tips, and more. The website has 140,000 subscribers and 260,000 social media followers across the platform. Domain authority: 76 Categories: Content marketing

8. Creative blog

The website provides advice and inspiration for digital and traditional stylists, graphic designers, web designers, 3D, and VFX artists and illustrators. If you are passionate about design, get in touch. Domain authority: 74 Categories: Web design

9. MarketingProfs

You can improve your marketing skills with marketing profiles. It provides courses and learning paths for users. You can write about content marketing, email marketing, and various marketing strategies. Domain authority: 74 Categories: Marketing

10. Best Garden Cart

A well-kept garden enhances the beauty of your home. It is seen as more lively and welcoming than a home with dusty roads and uninterrupted flower beds. It expresses your responsibility and support in your home.. Go there and submit your guest post. Therefore, they are allowing your guest posts. So go out there and check your content is unique when submitting a guest post. Domain authority: 44 Categories: Marketing

The final word:

So, go ahead and submit a guest post for your blog to get a high-quality link. Make sure that you add an image to the sidebar or bar on this page to get more traffic. Submit a guest post is an opportunity and effective way to expand the business.

Remember that submit a guest post should be a win-win agreement between you and the publication. If your submission isn’t offering value to their target audience, then you won’t see your article got approved. Make sure that your content is easy to serve their audience, and your content will be a breeze.

For any query on submitting a guest post to get high-quality backlinks please contact with us. Thank You!


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