SEO Services in Bangladesh
(Search Engine Optimization)

You are in the right place if you looking for the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. There are lots of so-called SEO experts or SEO companies run by non-expert individuals or 1-5 persons here and there in Bangladesh, or even around the world. That’s why there are enough chances to be misguided. The SearchEngineOptimization.Com.BD is an SEO service company in Bangladesh in which more than 200 category-wise SEO experts are working together in day and night under 50 outer most experienced SEO experts in Bangladesh.

Why SEO Service in Bangladesh?

We, at “SearchEngineOptimization.Com.BD”, can present you with the logical explanation of more than 100 realistic reasons why you should look for the SEO firm in Bangladesh.  Check out some of the main reasons for taking the SEO services in Bangladesh:

Affordable SEO services for small business:

You will find the best affordable SEO services for small business and as an owner of a small business, you can buy SEO services from $50 to $500 or more for a custom budget at “SearchEngineOptimization.Com.BD”.  About 95% of startups and small businesses badly need the support of affordable SEO services for small business”cheap SEO packages” to get some new clients to sustain their company in the market.

The “SEO package prices” is the main factor for looking at the “cheap SEO package prices” in Bangladesh as most of the SEO expert in Bangladesh offers cheap SEO service for small business and SEO service provider company in Bangladesh has the ability to maintain the

What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mean?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a logical and sequential process of increasing the visibility of a web page on the top of the search engine result page based on some specific keywords following the practical and effective strategies to gather highly targeted and organic visitors to a website.

By applying SEO techniques, the SEO experts can place your web page on top of the visible sides. As a result, visitors could see/read your website first. Primarily these are organic visitors, but so many organic visitors might give you more chance to become your paid clients. On the other hand when you get massive traffic, obviously you find a better position to get a commercial advertisement. Moreover, this commercial advertisement is the key to give you money from your webpage.

Search engines search and arrange suitable websites to meet the need of particular visitors. Moreover, there is a particular technique SEO can use. SEO use its technique so that your webpage become competent for the search engine to choose your site. In fact, SEO makes some changes to your webpage both for design and content. These changes make your page attractive to the search engine.

By SEO website will be easy to read & navigate in fact, SEO can make your web page. When too many users quickly and with a simple way could navigate your web page, you will be successful in attracting your targeted visitors.

SEO is both science and art. By the artistic method, SEO can give solution relating to your web page instantly. Your webpage needs particular and proper action to meet day to day challenges. As an artist SEO service provider give the support to your web page considering the existing circumstances. On the other hand, SEO is science because it works with some permanent basic methods. As an artist, SEO is flexible in dealing with your web page.

You can imagine SEO like magic. A magician performs on stage unbelievable amusing matter. Audiences become highly delighted. Just like a magician SEO arrange and change your web site I such a way that visitors/traffic will become very much eager to get in your site.

In brief:

  • SEO is the key to the success of your online business.
  • SEO attracts considerable visitors to your web page.
  • SEO can make proper change and development to the web page.
  • SEO makes your web page such a way that the search engine shows your web page on
    the top search result.

Importance of SEO:

Millions of people click every day to search engine, and the search engine has to provide an answer. The search engine shows the exact web page to provide maximum and proper information to the visitors. So, your web page must be so developed to meet the demand of visitors. At the same time, technical set up of your page should be arranged such a way that the search engine shows your page top. All those are to be arranged by SEO.

At first, SEO brings more or increased number of visitors to your web page. Next, the SEO make better the visibility of your web page by using some tools and technique such as arranging high ranked keywords, etc.

Just huge traffic is not the motto. For business, you need probable customer. SEO can make your page such a way that your probable customer at first click on your web page to meet their requirement. Visitors think the web sites that are shown on the top of search are reliable. The webpage that holds the position topmost of the search result can hope to be chosen by the maximum customer for the business.

SEO is tremendously cost-effective:

It means you pay little but get a huge return. Just a single SEO expert can do all the required actions. For the action of SEO expert when you start getting visitors to mind it those visitors knock your site to make a deal with you because SEO brings those visitors especially suitable for your site. Now it is your term to make business relation with them. Moreover, when you can run business for a reasonable length of period, you can hope long-lasting business with your existing web page.

By the effort of SEO when searcher can find a particular need, your web page is shown almost on the top position, and at the same way when your searcher would find they get maximum service from you, your web page becomes a brand for the particular job.

SEO is Important to you because your competitors’ have already started work with SEO. Your delay can make you stay back from your competitors. Obviously, all we know that a small business enterprise is not able to make competition with a large enterprise but SEO can provide small enterprise the quality to have competition with a giant as SEO could work for all the qualities to your web pages those are kept with the large enterprise.

How Does SEO work?

When it gets the necessary information to apply various features of SEO to increase ranking, it might feel complicated, but the primary method is not so complex to realize.  Search engines are to provide web pages that have high-quality information and relevant results for the searcher. For this reason, the search engines go with scanning, crawling on various web pages to make sure about the purpose of a particular search on various keywords. By following a list of algorithms, the search engines can provide an almost exact result to the searcher. Search engines also scan the web pages to realize whether it is easy for navigation or reading.

Search engines perform the three most important tasks those are: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking.

Crawling: Crawling is applied to discover needed matter to optimize. For Crawling, a search engine sends a team of robots called crawlers (bot) to discover fresh and efficient content such as web page, image video, and other contents. However, contents come through links, and here the format is not considered. Google bot begins by attracting a small number of web pages, and after that go after the links available on the web pages to discover new URLs. Through skipping all along this trail of links, the crawler gets capable of discovering fresh content and then attaching it to index, define as Caffeine. Caffeine transfers the new URLs to a vast database. Moreover, in the next, when a searcher searches on a search engine, it brings the URLs with a title, short description and link of the page for the searchers.

Indexing: Indexing is a process of storing information found by the search engine. The index is a vast catalog of all the contents exposed and suitable to provide the searchers. While a searcher starts a search, search engines search its index to find extremely applicable content and after those instructions are given to that particular content so that it might solve the problem of the searcher.

You can also block search engine crawlers to crawl a portion or entire portion of your page. For this search engine will not be able to store anything that is blocked. There are more than 30 search engines those search web pages. However, Google is the largest of all. More than 70% of people use Google Search Engine to solve their problems.

When your site is not shown via a search result, it may be that you have a completely new page and till now it is not crawled. There is no link at your site from other external web pages. Robot finds your site hard to navigate. You use some fundamental or essential code that is known as crawler directives use to block search engine. You are punished with a penalty by for spam. You can tell the search engine how it can crawl your page if you find some of your pages get missing. On the other hand, some less essential pages get indexed wrongly. When you instruct search engine how it crawls on your pages, it provides you more domination over the indexing process.

SEO, in a broad sense, can be divided into two, such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:-

On-Page SEO is done directly on a particular webpage based on some specific keywords so that your page achieves development relating to its position in search engine. The basic technique used for On-Page SEO is HTML code, Meta description, alt tags, title tags, image, and contents.

Title tag: The title tag is the title you submit to your web page. On the other hand, it might be the main heading visible to you as the results pages of the search engine.

Meta description – It is an HTML tag, a short description with not more than 160 characters shown under URL of pages to make a summary of the content of the page. Search engines demonstrate it through search outcome frequently.

Key Words- As per SEO, Key Words are the words and phrases by using those the searchers go into search engines; those are also stated as search queries. If you arrange all of your webpages such as images, video, contents using words and phrases, those will be your primary keywords. Keywords are significant as they are the key player among what searchers are searching for and the content you submit to meet that requirement.

Alt-text: It means the word or phrase which is to be endorsed to an image tag to assist it getting indexed for searching. When you submit a graphic on your web page that sketch several shape type tips, then that particular graphic can begin to rank in favor of that phrase in the image results.

SSL -Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security tools are vital for developing webpage security, dependability along with visibility. By permit SSL, you can boost the probability of not appearing the third party among your web server and the visitors’ webserver; as a result, your website gets a surety to remain the safety of the information you submit on the page. Moreover, Google have a preference on pages that get SSL- activate, make it a permanent state of being able to see or be seen.

URL Structure– The URL should be short and based on a keyword for better SEO. The URL structure is significant for contemporary web traders, as it permits search engines to crawl on or after page-to-page through the web pages. Besides, it provides competent navigation for visitors. You desire your URLs to hold such keywords that are smoothly understandable to go through understand URLs provide extra probability to receive more visitors and also aid search engines to crawl that web page.

Internal Link-Pages internally linked or connected on other webpages are also a significant issue for on-page SEO. By creating a link to various applicable pages on your webpage can make it smooth so that the search engine could crawl all, besides it would as well make visitors remain engaged longer.

Page performance- The performance quality of your website, along with the functionality of its page, is optimized for page optimization. If your pages take a long time to load or the lack of proper loading quality, at least on the cell phone, the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) produce at least, causing the searcher to become disturbed, it will be far away; it can increase the bounce rate. Search engines evaluate this, and it serves as a factor for key page ranking, so it is essential for web pages to think of the size of the image files on their pages, they can reduce the redirection, make mobile responses to their website better, CSS / javascript closing volume should be reduced. Internal link-pages are an essential thing for SEO pages, internally linked pages connected to your webpage. It can smooth down on your web page by creating links to various applicable pages so that search engines can crawl all, as well as it may be more engaging for visitors.

Description tag- A description tag usually consists of Meta element refers to hold an explanation of the web site to which it is connected. Description tags have got the information exhibited on the results page of a search engine under the title link, and draws both what exist on the site and keep keywords needed for a search.

Search engines advice that it is better to express the description tag within two hundred words,   Description tags possess several effects relating to search engine optimization, as the descriptions are an excellent place to incorporate keywords and keyword variations.

Author Tag- By apply the Author Tag on their websites, publishers can make it simple for Face book readers to begin going after the author of a particular article they now read and get pleasure. It is a tool to develop webpage as it provides a connection with the byline in a story that is previewed in the News Feed to the writer’s Page or Profile with Follow.

URL & URL Structure- Your URLs are frequently the first object that Google and clients will notice. Moreover, URLs are the structural slab of a successful site ladder. It will help to pass equity through your domain and make straight the users to the destinations they like to visit.

An SEO-friendly URL structure gets the following things stated below: 

It should be simple to read. Both users and search engines can be able to realize what is described on every page immediately by staring at the URL.  However, Keywords are topic, and your aimed queries should keep it up within URLs.

URL Redirection- It is a technique extended all over the world. By using this, you can make your webpage available to several URL.

URL redirection is made for different reasons as follows:

  • To make URL short
  • Prevent links to be broken at the time of webpage movement
  • Arrange numerous domain name owned by the same person to refer with a single webpage
  • To direct navigation inside along with outside of the webpage
  • Ensure private safeguard

Content for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization:

When content is made in view to draw traffic through a search engine is termed as SEO content.

Keyword Proximity- A mixture of keywords forms a particular Search term. The distance among the separate keywords is called Keyword Proximity. When the range is small between search terms, it is considered better than long-distance.

Content Headers- Content Header tags are an organizational tool. It leads the browser to your content placed at your page. H1 is the core header, though there are H1 to H6 headers.  It is marking up that the H1 header is going to use about 80%   of first-page search result through Google.  Tags particularly the H1 tag express to search engine and web page users about the content of the page.

Content Images Tags- Visual content is always essential for humans. Words are theoretical and quite hard for the brain to keep, but visuals are real and, as such, more just to be kept keep in mind. Visuals make the viewers more concerned in the text, and they tend to keep in mind information for a more extended period.

With progress in technology, particularly the Internet, the development of media has been inevitable.  However, in the past days, simple pictures took minutes to load and every so often just get caught in the middle. By applying usual Internet speed in Mbps at present, the addition of media together with high-class photos, videos, and other files to get attached in our content easily.

Social media has assisted in media development.  Most of the websites utilize various social media sites to redirect traffic to their pages. The accurate images can be able to a milestone at this point. Browsers that depend on visuals more can draw an increased number of followers, more viewers, additional sales, along with better ROI.

However, SEO should be applied to the image also, and proper image SEO might provide the following advantages:

Less time to Load- Reducing the size of pictures is a significant element of image SEO. If the image size is standard, it will be loaded quickly.

Upper Rank in Image Search- Google photo search has by now grown more reputation. At present more than 60% of people like to browse via pictures on Google to check and visit the source.

Get Content Viral– Images that are applicable and tell a particular story or subject have got more chance to become viral.

File Name- Keep in mind that Google doesn’t notice your images and make a decision whether they are applicable. It can only readout. As a result, the file name becomes significant. For image SEO, it is better that you use your main keywords in the name of the images.

Size of the Image- The sizes are important. Nearly all images in Google search results look more wide than tall. Google has not provided any patent rule in this view, but it is better to use the photos competent to your page well with no white spaces around it. Two thousand five hundred sixty pixels in breadth is to be a perfect size for the majority monitors available between 27” to 30”. The existing theme and layout of the design can also assist you to decide on the ideal size of the image.

Extra matter- Get certain the images you upload are mobile-friendly to optimize your images for all screens.

However, it is better to, keep your background images 10 KB or even less. High-quality photos must not be exceeded 100 KB in size and banner images is to be approximately 60 KB.

Image Captions- No need for every photo on a blog with a caption. Use it wisely if you feel it might attract your audience.

XML Sitemap- An XML sitemap is a method for the website to inform search engines regarding every page that are present on the website. Moreover, Word Press XML sitemap informs search engines which links of the website get extra significant than others. When you make a fresh XML sitemap for any visual send it on the way of Google can make your content extra crawl-able.   However, image SEO is a vital point for a better webpage.  You are welcome to call us for producing Image SEO. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take our service for building Internal Contextual Anchor Links to your webpage.

Off-Page SEO is a method by using this one can develop the overall position of the webpage.  Off-page SEO centers on growing the ability of your domain throughout taking steps of receiving links from other websites.  Domain Authority (DA) refers to the ranking score of a search engine. If domain authority gets 40 to 50, then it can treat, as usual, 50 to 60 is reasonable, 60+ means excellent. However, this domain authority can consider through evaluating numerous features, such as linking root domains, counting the number of total links, found in only one Domain Authority score.

On-page SEO Indicates to the features that you can be able to manage on your webpage, on the other hand, off-page SEO indicates to the factors relating to page ranking that happen off your webpage, such as backlinks from another site. It also includes your technique of promotion.

Backlinks- For the reason of SEO, the hyperlink arrives as a link from another web page back to your page. These links are significant to fix the attractiveness of the site you owned.  As well as the quality of backlinks needs for your web page, and it is undoubtedly the major issue of off-page SEO. Google will award an increased domain authority to your site when Google can find more site links attached to your content. As a result, your rand will be high.

Domain Authority- A number produced you by search engine ranged from 1 to 100 is called domain authority. With the amount of strength of your web site is to be measured. The web site possesses higher domain authority has got favor in the search outcome. On the other hand, a domain that has got lower domain authority treated as low/bottom-ranked site. There are several different factors by which the domain authority would be recognizable. Those are the length of your domain name and also the history of this domain name, several backlinks and 404 pages (refers that server is downward, the requested content is not visible and, ask for such URL that has got broken).

Social posts- It is a fact that page ranking has not got direct connections with a social media publication, but the social posts that can gather massive traffic along with producing a large number of link shares will surely boost traffic to the site. While page ranking isn’t tied directly to the connections on a social media post, social posts that generate many clicks will undoubtedly help boost traffic to the site and produce a ton of link shares.

On-page and off-page SEO work jointly to pick up search engine rankings. Functioning comes on what you can manage today — creating excellent content that is to be supported by On-page SEO having a high-quality background. On the other hand, you’ll be sound on your system to making backlinks, get an improvement of domain authority, and those can achieve by controlling your off-page SEO.

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