8 SEO Optimized Content Writing Tips for Your Website

8 SEO Optimized Content Writing Tips for Your Website

SEO Optimized Content or Content Optimization is the first and most important step in search engine optimization. Some SEO gurus called it as on-page SEO. But, we say it is a little bit more than on-page SEO. Because it is not just inserting the keywords here and there around the whole content. It is also important to focus on a creative writing perspective of search engines as well as readers.

What is SEO Optimized Content?

SEO optimized content is a kind of content that is written following the SEO rules using the most important buying or searching keywords. This SEO content is developed not only for the readers but also emphasized for the search engines. So, the search engines can easily understand the whole content or what is the content about. As a result, SEO Optimized content gets the proper ranking in the search result page.

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SEO optimized content

Here I’m going to explain some of the best tips to help you to write SEO optimized content.

1. Target your audience with target keywords

If you fail to optimize your content with targeted keywords, then your content will not reach to the target people. Targeted keywords are the keyword that your target people use to search something on the search engine.

You have to first analysis few things to understand your targeted keyword. Prepare a few questions and ask yourself, such as:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What kind of information do they need?
  • Why do they need that information?
  • Are they using any keyword for that information?
  • Has there any search volume of that keyword?

It seems like having a lot of questions, but it is not tough to identify. You have to break this analysis into some activities:

Research your audience: Identity what type of audience that you are looking for and want to offer something. Then, find out where they are gathering on the internet. Take a Survey on your target audience. Illustrate their habits, preferences, demographics, and statistics.

Research your target keywords: Find relevant, profitable keywords that are relating to your products or services. And find out what type of keyword are they using to search your product or services.

Research your target topic: Bring content based on the keywords that your audience using to search.

2. Check the readability of your content

A few things are essential in SEO Optimized Content that is featuring at the top of the SERPs:

  1. When your audience clicks on a link, then every element of the page wants to keep them stay so that they can read out your entire content.
  2. When they are learning over reading your content, it will help your page a lot on Google to rank up your website.
  3. When people are searching for something, then search engine bring the relevant page to the search queries and give a signal. This signal is calling ‘Residence Time.’

Readability contributes to longer stay times with some of the qualities that are baking into it:

  • The correctness of the content
  • Clarity of the content
  • Engagement of the content
  • The simplicity of the content

Your content needs to convey all kinds of information in a meaningful way to improve readability. When your content is so readable, then people will stay a long time on your content. Staying longer time of your audience will help the content to rank up on search engine.

3. Get engaged in your content.

Engagement with your content works for higher rankings on the search engine. According to digital marketer Eric D. Garcia, Google is intensifying its focus on evaluating the content quality.

That’s what AJ Danny said in a recent post:

“We tracked a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performances across different sites. Some websites are providing depth attachment to quality content. Compared to sites that were weak in-depth to their content.” Furthermore, the trend is about to continue.

So, how should you create in-depth content?

  • Write a long-term blog post and think 2,000 words or more.
  • Explore topics that have different aspects and angles.
  • Write the ultimate guide.
  • It goes beyond surface-level research
  • Try searching for new data and studies on Google Scholar, JSTOR, and industry publications instead of Google search.

৪. Improve your page speed

Page speed referee to the page load time to display a web-page in a second or less than a second. Page speed helps your web-page and your content to load quickly. If your web-page takes time to load, then your audience will feel frustrating and leave the page.

Who wants to wait for a website to load?

In a BBC News report, half of the shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds for the retail page to load. The Nielsen Norman Group suggests that most users will leave pages within 10-20 seconds.

5. Increase visual investment

According to Skyward’s research, relevant imagery articles enjoy 94 percent audience. And you will get more views than articles without images. It is because we are wired to notice the pictures and respond to them.

However, the effect of inserting well-crafted, high-quality images into your content is much more than throwing a few random, overused stock photos.

Your content looks more compliant, professional, and approachable with the right images. So it’s a good idea to invest little more on your SEO Optimized Content.

7. Use snippets into your content

Featuring snippets have been drawing attention to SERPs lately. It will continue to show up in Google. According to Google, these little data may appear on the results page when a user asks a question. To increase a better impression on your content, use snippets.

There are a few strategies you can try:

  • Snippets answer what about your content.
  • Snippets make your content quality high.
  • Use number and bullet lists into your snippets.
  • Include statistics and data into your snippets.
  • Make a logical structure on your snippets.

8. Research on your content topic

The original research is a considerable link magnet for SEO optimized content. You can incorporate new statistics, studies, information, and research into your content. You’ll throw away a lot of opportunities for other websites to link into your content.

According to a 2018 State of Origin Research for Marketing report by Mantis Research and BuzzSumo, 56% of marketers who use original research on their content.

On top of that:

  • 74% reported that they saw more website traffic due to original research.
  • 63 Percent% said they saw more social shares.
  • Research is a great way to boost your content.

Some research ideas:

  • Do a case study based on the success or failure of your content topic.
  • Survey on your content topic to get a better result.
  • Analyze your data/metrics and post your searches.

Writing a proper SEO optimized content is not an easy task for everyone, but possible for all by regular practice. It is good news for you that we have a team of experienced and professional SEO Optimized content writers to rewrite and develop the existing contents of your business website.

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