The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners 2019

The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners 2019

Welcome to the ultimate SEO guide for beginners. Before getting into the article, let’s start with the basic idea of SEO from the beginning.


If you want to get visitors to your web pages, search engine optimization is the most reliable way to do this. Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts will engage with appropriate SEO tools on your page. So, your web page will be in the top position compared to other websites. Browsers check and read when they find a particular web page on top of the search result.

Primarily SEO helps to increase organic visitors; as a result, most of the organic visitors would become your paid clients. Huge visitors will provide you a better scope to receive a commercial advertisement. You know the commercial ad is the best source of earning money via the webpage. This ultimate SEO guide for beginners going help a lot while learning of SEO.

Search engines provide appropriate websites to meet the need of the audience based on their keywords. For this reason, SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert uses a proper and specific method to rank a page. SEO expert applies their ways to visible any website on the search engine so that organic visit stands. By using SEO method, you should put the design web pages with the informative content to your webpage. These will make your webpages attractive to the visitors when it appears on the search engine.

If too many browsers are adopting straightforward direction to visit your web page, then you will be successful in attracting your targeted visitors.

SEO provides a sophisticated technique; as a result, you will get a quick outcome on your site by solving a problem. So, it would help if you took specific and suitable action to address each particular issue of your website. An SEO expert will consider your new circumstances to provide a solution to your problem.

You could find SEO like magic. A magician performs on stage unbelievable delighted show in front of a vast audience. After the conclusion of the magic people are pleased. The magic touch of SEO expert makes your page so changed, and visitors get interested in visiting that.

SEO Guide for Beginners

Importance of SEO:

Millions of people every day click on the search engine and search engine provide their answer. The search engine shows the exact webpage to ensure maximum and proper information to the browsers on the searching keywords. So, develop the standard of your web page so that it could meet the demand of visitors. Besides that, you must arrange proper technical set up so that the search engine shows your page on the top position. SEO will arrange all those things to make your page visible on the high area.

Primarily, SEO will gather a reasonable number of visitors to your web page. Then the SEO can build your site better by using some tools and technique such as arranging high ranked keywords and traffic from different sources. As a result, your page will be easily visible to the browsers based on using different keywords.

When so many browsers use your page to browse then, it will bring a huge benefit for your website. If so many brows occur on your site, then many visitors will buy your product or service. If your clients feel happy to visit your website, then you can run long term business by doing proper SEO. Visitors think the web sites that are showing on the top of the search are mostly reliable. So, if your web page achieves the top position with proper SEO, then you can hope most of the visitors will do business with you.

SEO is a cost-friendly, but a continuous process, and I would say its game over the online business. It means you will get more return than whatever you are paying for SEO. An SEO expert applies all the required actions to make sure the page ranking going up. An SEO expert will develop your raw site in such a standard so that the visitors knock your page to start a business with you.

Now it is your time to start an online business with an SEO expert. If you get able to do business with your new visitors for a reasonable period, you may hope to establish long term business relation.

By the help of SEO when your web page appears top position on the search engine and displays your service and product, then your website would become a brand. So, you can find your page highly suitable for performing a particular job, and your business will create value for you to go a long way. Clients will fell interested in doing long-lasting business with you.

You can find your competitors by analyzing their keywords. An SEO expert does this task quickly while they set up a website to rank up in the first position. You may don’t know your competitors already using SEO services to rank up their site. However, don’t worry, with the help of SEO method your site must appear in the first position.

You may own small business weather your competitors may own big companies but don’t worry. In this context, our SEO service for small business will help you to rank up your site. So, you can challenge big companies with your website and can even earn more revenue too.

How Does SEO work?

It gets necessary to apply various features of SEO in view to increase ranking. It seems as is tuff at first though the fundamental matters of SEO. Search engines are always ready to provide a ranking of your web pages that have high-quality content and appropriate design for the browsers.

To make sure about the intention of your web page search engine crawl all your web pages together. By sorting the sites, the search engine provides an exact result to the searcher. Search engines always scan every web pages to realize that whether it is easy for navigation and reading or not.

Search engines perform through the three most important tasks that are calling Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking.


Crawling is the process by using that search engines are discovering updated content on the website. It may be new sites or pages, changes to existing sites, and dead links also.

So, to do this task, a search engine uses a program that refers to a ‘crawler‘ or ‘spider’ that follows an algorithmic process to determine which page to crawl.

The search engine crawler will detect and record a link as it moves through your site. It looks for these pages and adds them to a list that will crawl later. So, this how new content is essential for SEO.


After the search engine crawls each page, it compiles an extensive index of the words. It checks in each word and their location. It is a database of billions of web pages.

This extractable content is storing, organizing, and interpreting by search engine algorithms to gauge its importance by comparing to similar pages.

Servers around the world allow users to access these pages almost instantly. Significant space is necessary to store and sort this massive amount of information. Both Microsoft and Google have more than one million servers of their own.


It is the area of SEO that we concern most, and this is the part that allows our clients to show clear progress of the website.

If you insert a keyword into the search box, then search engines find the pages in their index. When the search engine finds the closest result that matches the keyword, then you will see similar web pages on the search engine. A score will assign to these pages based on an algorithm consisting of hundreds of different ranking signals. These pages or images and videos will display to the user in the order of score.

So for a good ranking of your site on search results, it’s essential to make crawl of your site by the help of search engines and get indexed correctly. Otherwise, they will not be able to rank the content of your website in search results appropriately.

Usually, we all are following two factors of SEO:

  1. On-page SEO 
  2. Off-page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice to optimize every single page of your website to gain higher rankings on the search engine. On-page refers to both the page content and HTML source code of a page that relates to links and other external signals as opposed to opt-in SEO.

On-Page SEO factors:

On-page SEO has been changing over the years to create a competitive environment among online business owners. So it is essential to follow the latest updates that changing the search engine practice in different reason.

On-Page SEO applies directly on a particular website to achieve the first position in the search engine. The basic technique is using for On-Page SEO is HTML code, Meta description, alt tags, title tags, and informative content.

Meta description:

It is an HTML tag and consisting of a short description with not more than 160 characters. It shows under the URL of pages. It also shows a summary of the content. Search engines understand it through search outcome.


Keywords are the phrases by using those searchers looking for a similar subject on the search engine. Keywords are also stating as search queries. You can arrange all of your webpages based on key phrases such as images, video, words, and sentences. All of these things will accept, depending on your keywords.

Keywords are must essential as they are the key-pro that using by searchers searching for information and the content you are submitting will meet that requirement.


It means the word or phrase which endorse to a picture file to assist it getting indexed for searching. If you submit a graphic on your web page that sketch several new shapes, and then a graphic can begin to rank in favor of that phrase in the image results.

Title tag: The title tag is the head tag that you are submitting to your web page. Other hands, it is the main heading and would be visible to visitors as the results pages on the search engine.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tools are vital for securing your webpages. By the help of SSL, you can boost the probability of not appearing the third party ads or information to your website. As a result, you will have the safety of the information that you are using on your webpages. Moreover, Google has a preference for pages to get SSL activation.

Internal Link:

Every page internally connected by links on your webpage and has a significant value for on-page SEO perspective. Creating a link on your webpage that can make search engines smoother to crawl all the pages. Also, it will keep viewers engaged for a longer time on the page.

Page Performance:

The performance quality of your website is a factor for on-page optimization. If your webpages taking more time to load or lack of proper loading quality on mobile certainly produce a lower rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As a result, searcher gets upset, get far away; it can boost the bounce rate.

Search engines assess this and employ it as a factor for key page ranking. So it’s vital for web page holders to think about the image file sizes placed on their pages. They can reduce redirects, get better the mobile responsiveness of their website. Besides, they should minimize the quantity off CSS/JavaScript.

Description tag:

A description tag usually refers to a website with meta content that links to it. Description tags get the information for displaying on the results page and the search engine under the title link. Title and description both draw what is on the site and place the keywords needed for the searcher.

Search engines suggest that it is best to publish the description tag in two hundred words. Description tags have some impact on search engine optimization as descriptions are a great place to include keywords and keyword variations.

Author Tag:

Author Tag is inserting on the website by publishers. They can make it simple for readers so that readers visit author pages on the different social media platform. After the publishing author tag of a particular article, then readers visit webpages or social platform to get pleasure. It is a way for webpage development. It provides a link to preview information of the author’s page or news feed on a profile to follow.

URL Structure:

URLs are frequently the first object for Google and second for clients to notify them. Furthermore, the URLs are structural slabs of the ladder of a successful site. It helps you to pass equity through your Domain and direct users to the destination pages to visit.

A prearranged URL structure is significant for contemporary web traders, as it permits search engines to crawl web page. It also provides appropriate navigation for visitors.

You may want your URLs to hold keywords that are easy to understand. It gently understands URLs provide extra probability to receive more visitors and also aid search engines to crawl that web page.

SEO-friendly URL:

It should be simple to read. Both users and search engines realize that what is describing into your webpage depending on the URL. However, Keywords are essential, and your aimed queries should put within URLs.

URL Redirection:

It is a technique that is using around the world. Using it, you can turn your webpage into a Several URL.

URL redirection is making for different reasons as follows:

  • Make the URL short
  • Prevent links to break down at the time of webpage movement
  • Sort multiple domain names owned by the same person to reference in a single webpage
  • Navigate the webpage directly to the inside with exterior
  • Ensure private safeguard

Content Optimization:

Content optimization is the process of writing in a way so that your content can reach the potential target audience. The content optimization process is ensuring that related keywords are present. So add the keyword in Meta and title tags, and include relevant links. When content is creating in view to draw traffic through a search engine, and it is explaining as SEO optimized content.

Keyword Proximity:

It is a mixture of keywords for a particular Search term. The distance among the separate keywords is calling Keyword Proximity. If the range is small between search terms, it is considering better than long distance.

Content Headers:

Content title tags are an organizational tool. It takes the browser into your content to put it on your page. H1 is the original title, though H1 to H6 is the title.

It indicates that H1 titles are using by Google for approximately 80% of first-page search results. Tags, especially the H1 tag, express the content of the page to search engine and web page users.

Content Images Tags:

Visual content is always necessary for people. The words are theoretical and hard for the brain to hold, but the visuals are original and easy to remember. Visuals make the viewer more involved in the text, and they keep the information in mind for a long time.

With the advancement in technology, especially on the Internet, the development of media has become inevitable. However, in the past, ordinary images took minutes to load. MBPS is currently implementing typical Internet speeds, combining media with high-class photos, videos, and more.

Social media is now helping media development. Most websites use different social media sites to redirect traffic to their pages. Correct images may be able to achieve a milestone at this point. Browsers that rely more on visuals can attract more followers, more visitors, additional sales, as well as better ROI.

Image optimization:

Image optimization is an art and science. It is acceptable as an art because there is no specific answer on how to compress an individual image. It is also a science because some many advanced techniques and algorithms can reduce the size of any image. Your image needs careful analysis with many dimensions to find the best settings, format capacity, quality, pixel, and more.

Less time to Load:

Reducing the size of the image is an essential task of SEO. If the image size is accurate or standard, it will load within seconds.

Upper Rank in Image Search:

Google photo search is now growing days after days. Nowadays, more than 60% of people like to browse via pictures on Google to check and visit the source.

Get Image Viral:

Images with content are essential among visitors, and telling a particular story or subject is getting more chance to be viral.

File Name:

Remember that Google doesn’t notice your images. And not making any decision whether they are applicable. The file name becomes significant for search engine. For optimizing pic, it would be better to use your main keywords in the images.

Size of the image:

The image sizes are essential. All the pictures in Google search results look more wide than tall. Google is not providing any patent rule in this view. However, it is better to use the photos competent to your page with no white spaces around it. Two thousand five hundred sixty pixels is the perfect size for the majority monitors available between 27” to 30”. The existing theme of the design can assist you in deciding on the ideal size of the image.

Extra matter:

Get concern on the images that you are uploading. Images should be mobile-friendly and optimizable for all screens to display.

However, background images should not be more than 10 KB or even less. High-quality photos should not exceed 100 KB in size and banner images not to exceed approximately 60 KB.

Captions on the image:

There are no need images with a caption on a blog. You can use it if you feel it may attract your target audience.

XML Sitemap:

An XML sitemap is a method to inform search engines that every page are present on the website. However, XML sitemap helps search engines to show links of the website those are getting significant than other links. You can make a fresh XML sitemap for any visual. So send it on the way of Google to make your content extra crawlable.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a method that helps a website to develop the overall position of every web page on the search engine. Off-page SEO techniques are applying to generate more links from other websites. Domain Authority is referring to the ranking score of a search engine.

If domain authority gets 40 to 50, it is treating, as usual, 50 to 60 is good, 60+ means excellent. However, this domain authority is considering through evaluating numerous features such as linking root domains and the total number of links. So, to get higher authority/power of your Domain, please contact with us.

On-page SEO is indicating the features that you use to manage on your webpage. Other hands, off-page SEO is showing to the factors that are relating to page ranking and work off-side of your webpage, such as backlinks from another site. It includes the technique for promotion.

Off-page SEO factors:


We know the hyperlink arrive as a link from another web page back to your page in SEO practice. These links are significant to fix the site position on the search engine. The quality of backlinks are arranging for your web page, is undoubtedly the major issue for off-page SEO. Google will award an increasing domain authority to your site when Google can find more site links attaches to your content. As a result, your website rank will get higher position.

So, to create more backlinks, please contact with us.

Domain Authority:

A number is providing to you by search engine ranged from 1 to 100 is calling domain authority. Whatever the number/amount you are getting for your website is measurable as strength. The web site possesses higher domain authority will get favor in the search outcome. On the other hand, a domain that is getting lower domain authority then it is treating as low/bottom-ranked site.

There are some different factors by which the domain authority is assuming. First one is the length of your domain name. The second one is the history of this domain name, and the third one is the number of backlinks, and the fourth one is the 4o4 errors. The 404 pages refer that server is downward, the requesting content is unable to find.

Social posts:

It is a fact that page ranking is not directly connecting with a social media publication. But the social posts that can gather more traffic by producing a large number of link shares and it will surely boost traffic to the leading site.

The page ranking isn’t tied directly to the connections on a social media post. Social posts generate many clicks that will undoubtedly help boost traffic to the site and produce a ton of link shares.

Ending Raw:

This ultimate SEO Guide is designed to help you make sense so that you can learn and apply this to your website for getting a higher rank on the search engines. Remember these two things in SEO are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

The direct connection of SEO to your website’s on-page and off-page SEO practice comes later when your website pages are ready for promotion. On-page and off-page SEO both works together to get a rank on the search engine. If you create excellent content that would support On-page SEO to create a strong backlink.

On the other hand, you’ll not be able to rank your site to get an improvement of domain authority. Domain authority is achievable through the process of generating backlinks.

So, bookmark this SEO Guide for Beginners to get more benefits from a website in your SEO practice.

You can check our SEO packages for your small business and place an order. If you like to know more about our company, please feel free to contact us.

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