Importance of Robots.Txt File for Indexing

Importance of Robots

Importance of Robots.Txt File for Indexing

Robots.txt file tells the search engines about web pages which is getting right of entry and index on the website and which pages not to.  Let’s talk about how a search engine visits a site. Before it visits the target page, it will check robots.txt for instructions.

How Robots.txt Works:

Search engines drive out small programs named “spiders”/ “robots” to explore the particular web site and transport data back to the search engines. It process is doing in view to the pages of that web site to be indexed in the search outcome and to be found by web browsers.  Robots.txt file teaches these programs not to search pages on that site that is choosing by marking using a “disallow” command.

 Importance-of -robots.Txt

Reasons to block Some Pages:

There are three reasons you may desire to block a page by using the Robots.txt file:-

  1. If you get a page on your web site that is a copy of another page and you don’t desire the robots can index this. As we know, it would bring the result in copy content that might hurt your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. If you keep a page on your website that you would not want browsers to get able to access if not they perform a definite action. For example, you need users to provide their email address to get in your page. And you perhaps don’t like browsers get able to view that page by making a Google search.
  3. Sometimes when you want to protect your private files on your website to publish.

Create Your Robots.txt File:

By putting free Google Webmaster tools account, you could make a Robots.txt file with choosing “Crawler access” option below the “site configuration” option at the menu bar. When you’re there, you may select “generate robots.txt” and put a secure Robots.txt file.

Install Your Robots.txt File:

As you have got your Robots.txt file, you may set it to the core (www) index in the CNC area of your site. You may make this by using an FTP program such as Filezilla. Another option is to hire a web programmer to generate and to set up your robots txt file by providing him information about pages you desire to have blocked. If you prefer this option, a first-class web programmer may finish the task taking less than one hour.


It’s significant to update your Robots.txt file when you insert pages, files/directories to your website. It is doing so that you are not willing those pages to view by the search engines or an admittance by web browsers. So make sure the safety of your website and provide the best probable results taking with your search engine optimization.

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