Tips to Learn Do-Follow Links and Its Back-End Benefits for SEO

Tips to Learn Do-Follow Links and Its Back-End Benefits for SEO

What is a do follow link?

All links are do-follow links without any modification to no-follow links. Do-follow links are changing automatically by default website settings sometimes. Search engine crawler is following do-follow links to accumulate links for indexing immediately. According to SEO expert ‘do-follow links’ are calling “Link Juice”. Google introduced do-follow links in earlier 2005 to get a better result in search engine.

How to build do follow links?

To identify do-follow links you don’t need to be expert in advanced coding. But you have to know the basic Html coding to understand whether it no follows link or do-follow links. ‘Rel attributes’ will define any link whether it is a do-follow link or no-follow link.

Few examples are giving below to understand do follow link-

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Example1</a>


<a href=”“>Example2</a>


<a href=”” rel=”external”>Example3</a>

All links are do follow links without the link mentioning ‘Rel attribute. No follow links are showing “Rel No” as follow tag so above the middle one is the do follow link.

Benefits of do follow Links:

Building an effective do-follow link to your website or blog will have future benefits that you cannot deny. Building do-follow links with your SEO optimized content help search engine to crawl immediately. It also helps to get a better rank position in the search engine. Building do-follow links able to improve your blog in the next level. So I’m gonna mention here some benefits of building do-follow links to your content.

1. Do follow links for faster crawling and indexing

If you have started a new blog that you want to index immediately then do-follow links you need to build with your fresh content. Fresh content with a do-follow link will help search engine spider to find it quickly to index first. Crawlers follow do follow links and help in indexing. High-quality do-follow link with your fresh content will take less effort for indexing.

2. Do follow links get more exposure

If you allocate do-follow link into your fresh content then it will be discover-able by your targeted readers. If your article is once discoverable then you will get more visitors over the page. If you put unique content with building do-follow link then your content will get shareable preference by your readers. If they share maximum time your page then will get a higher position in the search engine.

3. Do follow links justify as a reputable source

If you build do-follow links to your unique content then your page would be considered as a reputable source. You should put relevant links to your content. People will use your page as their reference and your blog will get better rank. Remember most of the readers care about your content and giving priority on the readability. So make relevant you do follow links with your fresh content to make your content as a reputable source.

4. Do follow links for long-lasting SEO benefits

After creating fresh content with do-follow links then put little effort to optimize it. Optimized content is good for the search engine to identify as a real source of information. If your content is optimized with do-follow links then the search engine will show your article to related queries. Do follow links with fresh content is having long term SEO benefits. Your page will never get penalty while changing any updates by the search engine.

5. Do follow links acceptance by search engine

You can build multiple do-follow links into your web page. You can build links as a reference to other web pages. More links are building to prove the information is correct. If you build the same link two or three times in your article then what link will be acceptable by the search engine? The answer is a very simple one of them will be acceptable by the search engine and other links will be acceptable as no-follow links. So to help your readers you can build multiple links but search engine will crawl only one link.

6. Do follow links Improve your page rank

Building internal links as do-follow links can improve your page rank. Most of the SEO expert do this task to make value to search engine crawler. Do follow links are working as a hook with other web pages to crawl first and improve the overall performance of the page. So relevant do-follow links help your page to improve its position on the search engine especially Google.

Final word:

I hope you already understand what is do-follow links and no-follow links. You can use do-follow links with your page keyword into anchor text. You have to make sure that you are using trusted do-follow links. If you miss leading your reader with entrusted links then you will get penalty by the search engine. To get long term Seo benefits you have to make sure your content is unique with relevant do-follow links. You can bookmark this page to get further benefits while building do-follow links into your content.

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