Impact of Cloaking in SEO that you should not skip

Impact of Cloaking in SEO that you should not skip

Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique known to SEO service companies as Black Hat SEO. In cloaking, the content is misleading users to get the information they expect. Cloaking aim is to get better results in search engines. But in the long run, this will to get a penalty from the search engine. This is a bad practice for SEO and it is contrary to the webmaster guidelines.

Google Search Console helps updated their information about cloaking. They said the content is showing a different result to the crawler for index. But the content doesn’t show the exact results to the searchers.

In the process, the keyword is inserting into the URL so that it shows better search engine results. When people are searching by using specific keywords then the URL comes first. However, in most cases, getting the right information is confusing for people.

What are some standard cloaking habits?

I think you are aware of cloaking now. You know that search engines index a web page and rank it higher in SERPs depending on Meta tags, titles and other SEO strategies.

1. Clocking in hidden text

In the process, the webmaster adds information such as stuffing keywords, overwriting the content but it doesn’t appear to users. For this result, Webmaster adds a different color to the background of the content, which is not visible to users.

2. Cloaking on Flash-Based Websites

Flash is not offering SEO purposes. However, many websites use only the built-in flash. The Flash Engine creates rich web pages for crawler searches and displays Flash pages for visitors. This is terrible!

3. Cloaking in email

In the email cloaking, emails are sending to people that have no address of the sender. So the receiver never knows the reference of the sender.


Search engine experts are using cloaking technique to enrich any particular page on the search ranking. But it makes confusion reader too much while they visit a web page. People click on the link but they find different content that’s not relevant to the topic. Though cloaking is a good technique to enhance the rank but in the long run its damage the reputation of the company. So you should avoid practicing cloaking to get ranking a better position in the search engine because it’s a Black hat SEO. The search engine does not support Black hat SEO, it’s against search engine legal activities.

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